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Custom Sign Fabrication

It isn’t a problem if your logo is a odd shape or your script is something a bit different.  Sonwell can customize your sign to match.

ford sign repair

Existing Signs

Sonwell takes pride in restoring older signs like this older Ford sign or we can takes your sign that has lamps and convert it to LED’s.  Give us a call it does not stop there, Sonwell can help you restore your older sign in other ways too.  Just ask!!!

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Illuminated Fascia Signs

Illuminated fascia signs can work almost anywhere.  You can have lamps or LED’s in them and the graphics on the lexan faces are done with vinyl.

Illuminated Letters

Illuminated letters come in so many different styles.  You can have backlit or individually lit just as a few examples.  Just because it has letters in the name doesn’t mean it is only the letters that are lit, your company logo can be lit as well.

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Non-illuminated Letters

Non-Illuminated signs are used everyday in a business, it can be your company name behind a receptionist as a customer walks into your office or a sign outside our business.  Whatever your needs are we can make if for you.

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Pylon Signs

Pylon signs come in all sizes and at Sonwell we have done them all.  Whether it is low profile, rotating or large like CrossIron Mills, we can help you with all your pylon needs.